Casting concrete for Activated sludge building footing

MACC has established itself as a company with the ability to carry out various civil engineering works from small projects through to multi-million dollar projects.

So MACC is now considered as one of the Palestinian’s leading construction companies.

Asa JV we pride ourselves on the strength of our teams and their ability to deliver innovative and high quality construction by the needs of our clients.

While keeping the faith to its traditional values, to deliver the highest quality projects, products and services MACC has accomplished casting of the first stage from the footing of the activated sludge building which is considered one of the hugest buildings ever in the field of construction engineering in Gaza.

The reinforced concrete foot casting which took place on May 18th,2011 was Approximately 800 m3 Nevertheless, with pride and dignity MACC has perfectly completed that mission to the fullest within less time than expected.

Palestine-Gaza-Rimal-A/Qader Husaini st.No: 6/1310