Casting concrete for the Digester building footing

Together the JV (MACC & SPA) and PWA (Palestinian water authority) in the presence of an honored engineering group celebrate the foot concrete casting for the Digester building, which is considered one of the huge buildings ever constructed in Gaza strip. The foot casting took place on Dec. 28th, 2010  for 680 m³ and  on Jan. 19th, 2011 for 689 m³.

For casting such amounts of concrete two concrete companies cooperated together in order to achieve this goal at the needed and planned time, avoiding any delays or problems may occur.

Constructing such huge buildings is not common in Gaza, nevertheless the JV managed to fulfill such duty with high quality and efficiency as always expected.

Palestine-Gaza-Rimal-A/Qader Husaini st.No: 6/1310