MACC Values & Business Ethics

Business Ethics 003

MACC Values

Client Satisfaction:

We study, understand and listen to and communicate proficiently with our clients to ensure that we meet and exceed their expectations.



On MACC, we commit ourselves of highest standards of profession, Quality Control, Honesty and ethical behavior.



The teamwork is our tradition to gather contribution, combination of everybody skills and knowledge. Communication between everyone in the team openly and honestly in a timely manner is our policy. MACC believes that teams not individuals are the essential unit of this organization for achieving high performance and accelerating personal growth.



MACC has a team staff to take full responsibility for every project.



We are a forerunner in technology, training communication, quality construction, on-time completion and customer satisfaction.



We will be only satisfied with being in ahead.



Our company provides a national roll-out for new construction and infrastructure projects.



MACC looks for low rate profit with long term asset creation.

MACC Business Ethics


MACC has demonstrated a valuable success through employment of several actions. Basically, the scope and quality of the projects we have handled are among the most evident. Many other factors have contributed to our success includes but not limited to the effective planning and scheduling of our projects, the professionality in carrying out our jobs and the care to achieve our clients goals.

Another important factor is MACC commitment to ethics, fair and ethical behavior in the conduct of our business, including compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, ethics, integrity and fairness are business imperative because without them, MACC would not have such a business to be proud of.

MACC business ethics is a policy to provide shareholders with general guidance on some common ethical and legal issues they would encounter relating to MACC‘s business interests either on or off job. The policy addresses main basic principles:

a. Employees obligation when conducting MACC‘s business with other people and organization.

b. MACC‘s employees responsibility to their company and its customers.

c. MACC‘s employees obligations regarding issues that may arise on time, particularly conflict of interest.

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