Desalination Plants

Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Client : Costal Municipalities Water Utility(CMWU)

Funded by : USAID


  • From : NOVEMBER 2016

  • To : 2019


  • Value (USD) : $17,300,000.00

Project Photos


Some of Main Components to be constructed Are:

Middle Area Desalination 3400 m3/d Plant Expansion, Gaza
The Middle Area Desalination Plant Expansion project provides a 3400 m3/d
desalination plant expansion to an existing desalination facility. Work includes
new seawater intake beach well pumps, desalination plant, brine outfall, and
desalinated drinking water conveyance to a blending tank for distribution to the
Gaza area. RFTOP Package includes activities at the beach well intake and
outfall discharge site, the desalination plant site, as well as pipe routing between
the desalination plant site and the beach well/outfall discharge site.
A. Marine Works
a) Beach Well Intake
1) Three (3) beach wells
2) Three (3) submersible beach well pumps
3) Fencing around beach wells
4) Electrical supply from Desalination Plant Site to Beach Well Site
including step down transformer, motor control centers, and other
5) Fiber optic control cable from Beach Well Site to Desalination
Plant Site
b) Outfall Discharge
1) One (1) outfall diffusor section
2) Off-shore trenching, pipe installation, and backfill of rock scour
B. Pipelines & Electrical
a) Raw Water Header
1) HDPE pipeline from beach wells to Desalination Plant
2) Three (3) HDPE x PVC connections with new beach well pump

discharge headers
3) Three (3) HDPE x PVC connections with existing beach well
pump discharge headers
b) Brine Discharge Header
1) HDPE buried pipeline, from Desalination Plant to Mediterranean
c) Electrical Lines
1) Two (2) electrical conduits and cables to power beach wells
including various electrical precast handholes spaced along the
lines, routed from Desalination Plant Site to beach wells
C. Desalination Plant Site – Process Equipment and Facilities
a) 100 m3 concrete Raw Water Tank
b) 220 m3 concrete Backwash Tank
c) 250 m3 concrete Brine Tank
d) Low Pressure Feed Pumps
e) Pretreatment System with filter backwash system
f) 1st Pass Reverse Osmosis System with cartridge filters, high pressure
RO feed pumps, RO units, energy recovery system and booster pumps
g) 2nd Pass Reverse Osmosis System with break tank, RO feed pumps
and RO units
h) Clean-in- place (CIP) System for 1st and 2nd Pass RO Systems
i) RO Flushing System for 1st Pass RO
j) Calcite Contactors
k) Disinfection
l) Plant Chemical Storage and Feed Systems
m) Finished Water Pump Station to blending tank
n) Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) for the new desalination plant

Palestine-Gaza-Rimal-A/Qader Husaini st.No: 6/1310